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Image: Paul Folkertsma and his house on the Weaze in Aldeboarn.

Paulus Folkertsma (1901-1972) was for most of his life in Friesian Aldeboarn teacher. As a composer he was self-taught. He has 77 official opus numbers omitted, the actual number is over one hundred compositions. These include organ works, songs, symphonic works, cantatas, operettas and chamber music for various ensembles. This promotional CD provides an overview of his multifaceted oeuvre.

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Uit: Wer binn’de fjlden grien

1. Inleiding

2. Fijân, mei dyn wreed geweld

World War II made a great impression to Paulus Folkertsma. Many of his compositions give it expression. The cantata Wer binn’ de fjilden grien op. 52 for chorus and orchestra dates from 1949 and writtento texts of Frisian poets Douwe Tamminga and Fedde Schurer. Interestingly appears the ease with which he wrote for this occupation. The results are: intriguing orchestral introductions, melodious music for the choir with lavish, cleverly written modulations.
Ad hoc orchestra conducted by Harm Witteveen, Klaske Folmer (declamation)
The CD Paulus Folkertsma , VPRO CD 014, 1992

Paulus Folkertsma’s most profound work is undoubtedly the string quartet in 1943 “Obituary R.O. Blackhall, A.J. Sutton, K.E. Emmons” written in memory of three crew of a Halifax-bomber of the Royal Canadian Air Force who died in a crash on May 5, 1943 near Aldeboarn. It is an extremely concentrated work, which Paulus Folkertsma all its harmonic and contrapuntal findings may have combined and made ​​subservient to painting a gripping atmosphere. Even the invention is unique. An anapest which the thesis still a minor third below the arsis is showing, is the main motive. In one long movement through contrapuntal complexities and poignant harmonies a thrilling climax, after which the tension fades very natural way. The end is reached by a very inventive final cadence in which a whole-tone scale for the lower voice, a striking role.

The Stringquartet Hathor
The CD Paulus Folkertsma , VPRO CD 014, 1992

From Pianosonate op. 57 nr. 2

4. Romance

5. Rondo

Johan Bijhold (piano)

The cd Mimerij, Hecro HRCD030202, 2001

From: “Sonate foar fioele en piano yn d” op. 46

6. part 3

Jan Hulst (violin), Cees Steinroth (piano)

The CD Paulus Folkertsma, VPRO CD 014, 1992

7. It fanke op ‘e bûthúsbank

8. Sliepsankje

9. Mimerij

10. Advintsliet

Tetsje van der Kooi (soprano) and Lieven Sienema (piano): 7, 8

Ben Brunt (bass-baritone) and Lieven Sienema (piano): 9

Arjen Veenhuizen (bass-baritone) and John Bijhold (piano): 10

The CD Mimerij, Hecro HRCD030202, 2001

From: “Mei snare en tonge”

11. Wolkom freugde fan ‘e wrâld

12. Bokke bea

13. Jûnbea

In the oeuvre of Paulus Folkertsma, the cantata “Mei snare en tonge” takes a special place. Paulus Folkertsma himself called this work “the best I ever wrote.” It is regrettable the sheet music has been lost. The only thing that has been preserved, is a choral score and a cassette tape with a recording of this work, conducted on June 27, 1966 in the Martini Church Bolsward by the Frisian orchestra and choirs from Bolsward, Sneek  and Grou and directed by Bram Feenstra.With this material, Johan Bijhold made an attempt to reconstruct this work. Almost measure by measure, he played the tape and entrusted to the paper what he heard. From the outset it was clearly not his intention to maintain the original instrumentation, out of respect for the composer’s composition he arranged for choir and string quartet. Bijhold has thus provided a great achievement. We therefore thank him. Through his efforts, it is now possible to hear Paulus Folkertsma Ultimus’s opus. It Nije Ensemble o.l.v. Hoite Pruiksma Live recording of a concert on October 24, 2009 in the Great or Jacobijner Church in Leeuwarden

From: “De Jonkerboer” op. 50

14. Io vivat

15. ’t Wie sa stil

16. Altyd bliuwt de leafde

“De Jonkerboer” is an opera in two companies, written in 1944. The librettist Dr. IJpe Poortinga based his libretto on a story from the “Rimen and Teltsjes” of the 19th century author Dr. Eeltsje Halbertsma. Paulus Folkertsma wrote this work for a large cast of soloists, chorus and orchestra. The adaptation on this CD was created by Johan Bijhold.It Nije Ensemble o.l.v. Hoite PruiksmaLive recording of a concert on September 28, 2008 in St. Piters Church in Grou.